I… don’t remember the pond comic. XD What. Did A. throw herself into a pond under your watch?

Ah to be honest I’m not sure if anyone would remember the pond “comic!” I drew it before I started drawing autobio comics, so it was actually from a livejournal post about a day out with A. and J. that I decided to illustrate with crayons onto napkins. STILL A FAVORITE OF MINE.

I’ve been having trouble drawing lately due to overwork and anxiety, and I’ve been experimenting with ways of making old favorites presentable again. SO MAYBE ONE DAY THE POND STORY WILL LIVE AGAIN. (maybe not. Crayon + napkin is nostalgic for my misspent teenage years but maybe it hasn’t held up terribly well!)

Edit to add: ALSO it is not my fault she fell in a pond. She is the one who wanted the lily pads.